Among celebrities, who supports who for the presidential election?

It may be a detail for you, but for them it means a lot: on April 3, at the Cirque d’Hiver in Paris, PS candidate Anne Hidalgo attracted very few stars to her last Paris meeting. On stage, only actress-screenwriter Valérie Donzelli spoke. His main achievement: his six César nominations for the film War is declaredin 2011. We are far from Yannick Noah and Cali igniting Charléty, in 2007, for Ségolène Royal.

With Jack Lang in charge, the PS has long been accustomed to beautiful people posters for the presidential election. But in 2022, this war seems lost.


The support of artists for presidential candidates tends to fall into disuse, in quality as well as in quantity. In 1981, Alain Delon, who was not yet the redundant old beau on his “Romy”, lent his support to Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. “It’s both the choice of the heart and of reason,” he says. Renaud, him, chooses Mitterrand, in 1988, during a concert remained in the memories, in Strasbourg. A sign of the legalization of French political life, we find the man at the Borsalino and the one with the red bandana, respectively at Valérie Pécresse and Emmanuel Macron, in 2022. What to return the fans of red suburb and stone merchantyet warned in 2017, by his serenade to François Fillon (1).

With François Berléand, Élie Semoun, Michel Drucker and Carole Bouquet, the outgoing president has amassed some nice support. Not to mention that of Guy Roux, a great coach of champions if ever there was one… Valérie Pécresse can count on strong support in the person of Gérard Depardieu, who “loves a lot” the president of the Île-de- France, because “she is a good manager”. And then, that must change him from his virile friendship with Vladimir Putin…

Ham-star and clandestine dinners

Other camaraderie says as much about supporting stars as it does about supporting contestants. At Reconquête, we hail from afar the enthusiastic declarations of this former commissioner from a difficult neighborhood that is Julie Lescaut, sorry, Véronique Genest. The former muse of “my star ham” is in good company at the Zemmourist table, with Pierre-Jean Chalençon, the organizer of clandestine dinners and a recurring character inDeal done, the flea market. That smells good of eternal France. The animal friend, Brigitte Bardot, for her part, dropped Éric Zemmour for Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. In the same register, Marine Le Pen can count on Philippe Chevalier, without Laspalès. As they say, “some have tried…”.

With Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Luc Mélenchon is the one who casts the widest net, with 2,000 supporters, from comedian Blanche Gardin to writers Pierre Lemaitre and Annie Ernaux. The rebellious succeeds in bringing together the “bof” duo of Cafe Camera, Yvan Le Bolloch and Bruno Solo, as well as the two brothers Mouss and Hakim from the Zebda group. Fabien Roussel recovers him, the other figure of the Toulouse group, Magyd Cherfi, which shows that in politics either, “there is no arrangement”. In his own way, Yannick Jadot is also counting on the street credibilityby playing boxing with wordsby Lino and Calbo of the Arsenik group, during his meeting at the Zénith.

What use?

The effectiveness of this display? In 2016, a Harris Interactive survey revealed that a large majority of French people did not attach any importance to it. Philippe Poutou and Nathalie Arthaud, who show no support, must appreciate this sharing of views. As for Jean Lassalle, one can consider that it is his own celebrity which supports him.

(1) Since the publication of this article, Renaud has let it be known that he will finally vote for Philippe Poutou, “the most far-left candidate, almost an anar”, he said on RTL. Gerard Lambert find its creator…

Sebastien Dubois


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