AT THE MOVIE THEATER. “Ténor”, ​​life-saving lyrical art with Michèle Laroque and the revelation MB 14

Antoine (MB14) and Mrs. Loyseau (Michèle Laroque).
Antoine (MB14) and Mrs. Loyseau (Michèle Laroque). (©David Koskas)

Antoine is part of a family of three brothers, somewhat lost in a suburb… Elio (Samir Decazza, cheerful), the youngest, is nice but only thinks about eating, the eldest, Didier (Guillaume Duhesme, a real big name) supports the family by practicing clandestine boxing, Antoine studies accounting, which to tell the truth, does not fascinate him. His thing is rap battles.

Four notes that change everything

As you have to boil the pot well, Antoine is also a sushi delivery man. This is how one fine day, an order brings him to the Paris Opera. Bursting in during a lesson given by Madame Loyseau, he is taken to task by Maxime, one of the students who asks him why he is standing there listening to the lesson. In anger, Antoine throws four heartfelt notes at him and leaves.

With Roberto Alagna

Except that these four notes did not escape Madame Loyseau’s seasoned ear. She will go out of her way to find him, discovering a solar stamp and a formidable talent in the making. Against the advice of the director of the Académie de l’Opéra but with the malicious support of Roberto Alagna himself, she manages to integrate Antoine into this prestigious school. It would be so beautiful if it were that simple.

A secret dream

In fact, Antoine must combine accounting and singing studies, rap battles and sushi deliveries. All this without anyone knowing that he wants to become an opera singer!

Shot at the Palais Garnier, already a character in itself, this film puts us in the footsteps of a young man beginning a path of redemption. Not that he has things to reproach himself for, but rather a mad desire to accomplish himself, which supposes leaving the toxic universe which has been his since birth.

Michèle Laroque magnificent intensity

This rebirth, he will owe it to a singing teacher who has devoted his whole life to the lyrical art. Between Mrs. Loyseau (Michèle Laroque, magnificent in intensity) and Anthony (MB14), the connection, without being immediate, will however be definitive. The major surprise of this beautiful film is the first appearance on the big screen of rapper MB 14. He has this magnetic something, which some call “a mouth”, which sets the screen ablaze.

Here, his naive but voluntary looks paint the portrait of a being between two worlds, who has become a tightrope walker in his own life. He will receive blows, but Madame Loyseau’s lessons, not always singing, by the way, are inscribed in his soul.

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The rapper sings Puccini

Will they save him? Note that it is MB14 who sings the opera arias! And we are flabbergasted to hear him begin the famous excerpt from Turandot by Giacomo Puccini: “Nessum dorma”, you know that aria that ends with these glorious words: “Vincero, vincero! “.

In any case, a moving film that crosses unimaginable parallelswhile introducing us to an exceptional actor: MB 14. And a nice cinematic surprise, for everyone, opera lovers or not!

A last word: plan a small handkerchief, just for the final scene.

>> The “Ténor” trailer on video <<

Robert Penavayre

Director: Claude Zidi Jr.
With: MB14, Michèle Laroque…
Duration: 1h40.
Genre: comedy

With MB14, a “star is born”!

From his real name Mohamed Belkhir, this Amiénois is interested in rap and writes his first texts from his adolescence.
Self-taught but curious about everything, he started beatboxing and took part in tournaments. In 2016, he is 22 years old, Mohamed arrives in the final of the telecrochet “The Voice”.
Today he is in front of a camera. Perhaps the dream of his life. In any case, for spectators in dark rooms, the eruption of an incredible comet. A startling discovery. A Star Is Born.


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