Car Mechanic Simulator Pocket Edition 2 (Nintendo Switch) – The test

Car Mechanic Simulator: Pocket Edition 2 was released on April 14, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. It is developed and published by Ultimate Games. Friends of mechanics and grease, welcome to your new garage, so let’s take a tour of the different features before deciding whether to buy or drop your garage dream.

Welcome to the garage

You have just acquired your first garage to express your greatest passion: the automobile. In this game, you will perform various commands to repair the cars of the users in order to earn your living and be able to expand your garage as you work hard. Except that you don’t play a manager, you play the mechanic. It is you who will have to find the various problems on the cars you will be dealing with, order the parts and repair them to return them to reliable condition. You will start with simple things (changing a battery, brake pads, checking the ABS…) and the more fame your garage will gain, the more you will unlock new features in your garage to be able to take care of new breakdowns.

To get new contracts, you can buy cars from barns, junkyards or auction parlors, but at first you’ll only take requests over the phone because you won’t have enough money to afford repair a car. You will be able to unlock a test bench and a circuit to be able to test your cars.

Let’s go to the test bench

Here’s how a game phase goes: you take an order, check which parts are out of order, order the parts on the net, install the new parts to replace the defective ones, and you warn the customer that the car is in good condition to make you pay and earn fame points. And you start again, again and again, until you are no longer thirsty.

In the form of the game, the title pushes for a certain realism in the sense that you will have to completely dismantle part of the bodywork just to reach a part that you are going to replace. So this game is made for people who like German-style simulation games (you know, games that all end in Simulator). But don’t panic, thanks to fame points, you will be able to improve your skills (sell more expensive refitted cars, buy new parts cheaper, work faster, etc.) as well as add new features to your garage.

There are around 40 different car models in the game, which is a decent enough number, in the sense that there’s enough for some diversity and not too much to feel clueless about how to work on these mechanical babies.

As for the lifespan of the game, you set the limits, there is no end.

Game crashes

Let’s start with the tutorial part of the game: it’s missed! The explanations are not very provided and rather vague, you risk often groping to understand how the game works exactly. In addition, leaving the tutorial will only be done by leaving the game and restarting one (be careful not to activate the tutorial by doing so, otherwise, you are good to start the manipulation again).

In terms of handling, it’s very complicated: we see that the game is a port of the PC version released earlier, and the passage with commands on the joystick can quickly become capricious when you have to get small parts to disassemble or reassemble (Screws are the perfect example). The game also takes touch into account, but it’s not much better because the zoom function is poorly managed. In terms of loading times, the game shows us all its slowness as well as in the various menus of the game. As for the famous driving of our racing car on the test track, it’s closer to a garbage truck than a a sports car, whether in terms of speed or handling.

In terms of graphics, the garage is pretty well modeled, but it’s pretty rough, the same goes for the vehicles. They’re pretty good at recognizing cars and different tools, but it’s very sparse on detail. There is huge aliasing present in the game which stings the eyes.

For the soundtrack, we prefer to put the game on mute and launch our playlist next to be able to work more quietly on motorized vehicles. It’s not particularly pleasant to listen to, and because of the few tracks available, it quickly becomes repetitive.

Now we’re going to look at the part that was the most infuriating: the bugs. And there is one that is extremely inconvenient: the one that prevents you from inspecting a part of a vehicle more closely. Indeed, if you can no longer inspect the vehicle, it becomes impossible to change the parts, which is equivalent to a game softlock. The only way to get rid of it is to turn off the game and restart it. Knowing that it can happen between 5 minutes to 2 hours of play and quite regularly, it discourages a lot of playing. Hopefully a patch will be released to fix this bug.



  • Fairly advanced realism
  • Upgrades to unlock
  • Forty vehicles
  • Unlimited lifetime


  • Strawberry Soundtrack
  • Graphics borderline acceptable
  • Major bug making the game unplayable
  • Failed tutorial
  • Getting started can sometimes be very complicated.

Note detail

  • Graphics

  • Soundtrack

  • Getting started

  • Gameplay

  • Lifetime

  • No bugs

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