Mohamed Cheikh at the head of a new restaurant

Mohamed Cheikh has just announced his new restaurant project for the coming months. Here’s everything you need to know. Summary [Mis à jour le 14 juin 2022 à 10h24] After Manzili at the Jardin des Plantes and La Pagode de Cos at La Réserve, Mohammad Sheikh just announced its new project. the winner of Top … Read more

How To Get Three Meals For $30 In Jasper County

Photos by Sean Dengler Three meals for $30 may sound like an impossible task, but it can be done! To prove it, I ventured to Jasper County where I was able to get breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a little less than $30. However, I should point out that there were three caveats: I only … Read more

Trondheim cooks its “Rabbit” the Gaulish way…

Indomitable Gauls, Romans, magic potion…and Lapinot! But what is this improbable zoomorphic hero doing in the universe created by Goscinny and Uderzo? In fact, the funny rabbit seems to have been teleported to a series that is not his. Imagined by Lewis Trondheim, this quirky and irreverent scenario sticks to the constraints of the OuBaPo: … Read more

Kitchen Theatre’s artistic director reflects on first season | Traineeship

It’s June and Kitchen Theater has just debuted its fifth and final show of the 30th anniversary season. Madeline George’s “Hurricane Diane” runs Wednesdays- Sundays through June 26. It’s the first play for which the Kitchen’s new Artistic Director Rebecca Bradshaw is also taking the director’s chair. “A wild one to be introduced to me,” … Read more

Binghamton church food pantry offers monthly grocery giveaways

“This is a very hurting community,” said Barbara Knighton, the coordinator of the Community Meal and Food Pantry programs at St. Michael’s Orthodox Church in Binghamton. Knighton said many people, including the “working poor,” are having a hard time feeding their families. The church has helped by serving meals for those in need for several … Read more

Better data key to improved food safety, says Yiannas

Improving food safety will include using better data, according to the deputy commissioner for food policy and response at the US Food and Drug Administration. Frank Yiannas was speaking at a Health Talks webinar on digitalization, food safety and trade with other panelists from Ghana, India and Ireland. “The world around us is changing rapidly. … Read more

Therapeutic food for cats: what are we talking about?

Our friends the tomcats are often fed with croquettes or classic pâtés, which it is important to choose of high quality in order to meet their nutritional needs. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to give your little companion therapeutic food. As its name suggests, it is a specific diet prescribed by the … Read more

Farmers face skyrocketing food production costs

HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. — Many of the nation’s farmers, including those in central Indiana, are facing the harsh realities brought on by the rising costs of food production. From surging fuel costs to higher prices for seeds, fertilizer, and chemicals, all the way to supply chain issues, the agricultural industry is being dealt a tough … Read more