deciphering the food group that burns up to 100 calories a day!

What if there was a food that made us lose more calories? Believe it or not, it turns out that such a commodity really exists and a study has provided us with the scientific evidence. When it comes to healthy and sustainable weight loss, this food group is an integral part of weight loss diets. In addition to being rich in fiber, it also increases metabolism and takes care of the intestines. But that’s not all. Discover more details in the following paragraphs to understand how to eat to lose weight effectively.

Healthy weight loss: the food that burns 100 more calories a day

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How to lose weight permanently and in a healthy way? Every nutritionist will tell you: balanced and healthy diet combined with proper physical training. But in addition to consuming more appetite suppressant foods, it is also important to add a particular food to the menu, the consumption of which burns up to 100 more calories daily. Which one exactly? So these include whole grains and whole grains. This is suggested by a study published in theAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Here is the research in more detail below.

weight loss by eating healthy eating more whole grains to burn calories

A total of 81 postmenopausal men and women between the ages of 40 and 65 took part in the study, which took place over a six-week period. During the first two weeks, all volunteers adhered to the same type of diet and each person was given an individual calorie requirement. Two weeks later, the participants adopted either a diet high in whole grains or a diet based on refined grains (not whole grains). The differences between the two diets consisted of calorie, fiber and macronutrient content.

how to burn calories fast eat more whole grains scientific study fast healthy weight loss

The results have shown that whole grains are a real slimming ally. More concretely, the participants in the study managed to lose 100 more calories on a daily basis, which would be equivalent to 30 minutes of brisk walking per day, explain the scientists. This type of healthy and rapid weight loss is due in part to the winning combination of increased resting metabolism and higher fecal losses.

how to lose weight easily lose weight effectively without a diet eat more whole grains burn 100 more calories a day

There is therefore no need to go into an overly restrictive calculation of calories which will only lead to too much deprivation and frustration. It’s enough to stock up on foods that boost calorie loss and promote metabolism. What’s more, whole grains and whole grains are foods rich in fiber, which helps control blood sugar and affects insulin sensitivity. Certainly, perfect slimming allies!

Lose weight effectively and sustainably with whole grains! Where to find them?

eat whole grains healthy weight loss burn more calories daily

What to eat to lose weight, burn more calories and stay healthy? Whole grains, of course! In addition to contributing to healthy weight loss, they are also associated with a reduced risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and more. It is also interesting to note their high content of iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, group B vitamins and dietary fiber. Here are 13 great options to include on your menu:

  1. Barley
  2. Brown or wild rice
  3. Buckwheat
  4. Bulgur
  5. Millet
  6. Oatmeal
  7. Corn
  8. Pop corn
  9. Whole wheat bread
  10. Wholemeal pasta
  11. Quinoa
  12. Whole grain rye
  13. Spelled

how to motivate yourself to lose weight top healthy weight loss tips

I can’t lose weight! What to do then? To lose weight quickly and effectively while staying healthy, it is essential to first find your motivation since the lack of it is the number 1 cause of failure in a diet. Here are the top 3 tips to adopt in order to boost your level of motivation:

  • The why : It is essential first to know why you want to lose weight because your arguments will help you to be more successful and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Develop an action plan : This means eliminating the bad habits that prevent you from losing weight, focusing on nutrition and sport and setting out in writing all the efforts you need to make to achieve your goals.
  • Join a support group : Find your motivation to lose weight by joining a virtual group with the same objective. You will meet people there who also aim to get rid of excess pounds or who play sports with friends.

balanced diet healthy weight loss eating whole grains scientific findings

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