“Mask singer”: six stars unmasked, a package… mid-season, five things to remember

After three episodes aired, “Mask Singer” is halfway through its 3rd season. Already five personalities have revealed their identity and an international star has lent himself. There is also a package to deplore.

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1. Five unmasked personalities… and no singer

After swimmer Alain Bernard and sailor Maud Fontenoy during the first episode, impersonator Marc-Antoine Le Bret (confused by investigators with Chantal Ladesou!) during the second, two other personalities were unmasked on Friday. First of all, the humorist Pierre Palmade: recognized from the first episode, there was not much reason to have him continue the adventure (we are of the same opinion as Alessandra Sublet on this one). Then Sylvie Tellier, also recognized by the investigators before dropping the mask. A rather heterogeneous cast, with personalities that can speak to several generations. We note the absence, for the moment, of a singer or singer, whereas there were five in the first season and four in the second. But there is at least one, under the costume of the tree, isn’t there?

2. A package

TF1 announced twelve personalities for this third season, as for the two previous ones. An even number for a “face-to-face” process and votes on pairs. However, from the beginning, it is indeed eleven personalities who play at hiding, obliging to make “face-to-face” with three characters (of ” face to face as the host Camille Combal would say). So what happened and where is this twelfth character? Announced injured backstage in the first episode, we hoped to see him arrive in the second and then the third. But Camille Combal ended up announcing on Friday that this last character would no longer join the competition, forced to rest. Neither the identity nor the costume having been revealed (we now understand why), we can imagine that the participation of this person is shifted to the next season.

3. Two international stars

The first international star to accept the invitation was, like last year, a series star. And even series. Teri Hatcher was hidden under the ladybug costume. A good surprise, since this is a really famous actress, who has played in at least two super-popular series: The Adventures of Lois and Clarkand Desperate housewives (and we’re not even talking about her role as Penny Parker in McGyver). Another international star, which we hope at least of the same notoriety, will be revealed in the 5th episode. She will sing hidden under a cowboy costume.

4. A group of investigators playing together for the last time

After three seasons playing together, Jarry, Anguun, Alessandra Sublet and Kev Adams, the four comrades will not meet again for another season. Jarry has left TF1 since filming this season, and Alessandra Sublet is quitting TV hosting to focus on other projects. Comedian and comedian Claudia Tagbo said recently that she was approached but declined: ” I was offered to be on the jury for next season, but I couldn’t. The timing, it was not possible “.

5. Declining audiences but a 4th season already planned

This season 3 brings together an average of less than 4 million people, beaten each week by Captain Marleau. “Mask Singer” brought together 3.39 million people on Friday, down slightly from the previous week (3.7 million), which had nevertheless done a little better than the first episode (3.6 million, less good start for the show after launching to 6.6 million in 2019 and 4.75 million in 2020). Despite the erosion, the meeting remains popular and TF1 has already planned a 4th season.

4th episode this Friday April 22, 9:05 p.m. on TF1.

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