The acquisitive ambitions of Anil Agarwal

From being a metal trader at the age of 19 to becoming a mining, metals and energy magnate, Anil Agarwal has built his business empire through a series of ambitious acquisitions over the past few decades. This includes a 2001 deal to take control of government-owned Bharat Aluminum Company in one of the first tests … Read more

Op-ed | At theater uptown, at long last

New York City is considered one of the world’s most appealing destinations for theater and the arts, a destination for immigrants seeking a new life, and a place where artists of all types enjoy boundless opportunities to perfect and showcase their craft. But not every community enjoys equivalent access to the types of arts and … Read more

Carsten Höller: ‘I don’t want flowers on my food, ever. It disturbs me’ | Carsten Holler

I have only been to Stockholm twice, both times to meet the experimental artist Carsten Höller, most famous for installing helter-skelters in the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern, and for magic mushroom-inspired upside-down worlds of all kinds. The first time I met him, seven years ago, Höller introduced me to the pair of bullfinches he … Read more