ready to get your Michelin star?

This week during Big Ben Week, we had the right to a nice surprise. It was not planned, but we are going to tell you about Cyanide’s next game: Chef Life A Restaurant Simulator.

When it was announced, many players once again thought of yet another simulation game as we can see a lot, especially on PC. But by looking a little more in detail at the title, we are surprised to see a fun and terribly addictive game!

Chef Life A Restaurant Simulator is the first video game in official partnership with the Michelin Guide. We are therefore preparing a star-studded preview of this surprising title!

Chef Life – Ready to earn your Michelin star?

Chef Life A Restaurant Simulator is a simulation game with notions of management. The idea is to embark on a career as a cook, but also as a restaurant manager. The particularity of the title is to be in official partnership with the Michelin Guide and the goal of the game will therefore be to win the famous distinction.

To do this, you will have to create your character and customize it using a rather precise and complete editor. Then you will have the joy of moving into your restaurant. At first, the latter will be quite simple. It will not be possible to change establishments during the game. However, you will be able to expand your restaurant and customize it very precisely.

Customization is also one of the big strengths of the game. You will be able to change everything in your establishment. The walls, the curtains, the light fixtures, the bar, the tables, the chairs, the layout of the tables, the floor, the ceiling and of course the kitchen and even your dishes! For those who love attention to detail, you’re in for a treat (no pun intended).

Chef Life A Restaurant Simulator

© Cyanide

The principle of the game is simple. Every day you have to spend the day preparing for your evening service. The goal is to cook the best dishes, provide exceptional service to satisfy customers, gain popularity and achieve the ultimate goal.

In the morning, you must choose your recipes that you will suggest on the menu in the evening. Of course, like the elements to customize your character and your restaurant, you will not have access to all the recipes at the start of the game. The Cyanide teams offer more than 180 official dishes mainly inspired by French and Italian cuisine. You will need to take inventory of your stock to verify that you have all the necessary ingredients. If this is not the case, you will have to order the food from your supplier.

Chef Life A Restaurant Simulator

© Cyanide

It is on this principle that management comes into play. You must manage your finances, your stock, choose your food according to the quality of the product, its origin (local or international), etc… Once you have all your ingredients, it’s time to start preparing the dishes.

So you enter the kitchen and you will have to carry out all the steps of the recipe. For this, you have a cookbook with all the details: ingredients, step-by-step, etc. To prepare the dishes, we have sorts of QTE to achieve. For example, to debone a langoustine we have to move the left joystick upwards, it is the same to cut the vegetables. If you need to stir broth in a pot, you have to turn the joystick gently.

Chef Life A Restaurant Simulator

© Cyanide

If you run out of equipment, you can access decoration mode at any time to improve and change the layout of your kitchen. For example, to cook langoustines, you can invest in a plancha at any time and place it exactly where you want it.

You will therefore have to carry out each step of the recipe in a very precise and very detailed way. Every little action goes there, from peeling the vegetables, to slicing the onions into rings and it’s really great. We get caught up in the game and we absolutely want to do things right to get the best score.

Because yes, Chef Life A Restaurant Simulator remains a simulation game. You will be graded (S, A, B, C, D) on each step of your recipe to have an overall score on the technique. Thus, it will be necessary to prepare your ingredients well, manage the cooking times, stir the broths well and do not forget the lid on the pots!

But you will also get a rating (between one and five stars) on the quality of your dish. And to have the five stars, you will have to choose your supplier and the quality of your products well in the morning during the management of your stock! Know that it is not possible to miss your dish, however, if you overcook a food, you will have to throw it away and this will cost your restaurant money. Also, some of your employees who don’t like to waste might suffer a drop in morale if they see that you’re wasting too much food.

During the preparation of your dish, you will be able to use your cooking senses to be able to season your dishes perfectly with the spices. Really, we have great attention to detail in this Chef Life A Restaurant Simulator.

Chef Life A Restaurant Simulator

© Cyanide

In the afternoon, your team will arrive with your waiters who will take care of the room, but also your kitchen assistants who will help you prepare the dishes during the service. Managing your staff is important to maintain a good relationship with them in order to keep their morale up. You are going to have dialogues with answer choices to make decisions that will or will not please your employees. And it will be possible to give them orders to help you manage the restaurant.

As the evening approaches and the service begins, you must therefore finish your recipe. The last step concerns the famous dressing of the plates. And there again, the Cyanide teams had fun.

We actually have a dressing editor allowing us to do the dressing of the dishes ourselves by placing each ingredient very precisely, by adding accessories (such as small bowls for sauces), by choosing whether we prefer to put zucchini slices, or slices or even small cubes of zucchini. We can really personalize our plate in an ultra-precise way. It’s crazy, and it really makes you want to spend hours there to make the perfect plate.

Chef Life A Restaurant Simulator

© Cyanide

In the evening, it is therefore the service when the customers arrive. Your servers take care of managing the room and you have to manage in the kitchen to prepare the dishes requested without taking too much of your time. We are clearly in a realistic simulation of Overcooked. As soon as a dish is ready, you must send it and report it to your servers.

The management aspect comes to the fore since you will have to give instructions to your employees so that they can best help you, whether in the kitchen to prepare the dishes or in the dining room to take good care of the customers. . At the end of the service, you get a score with the result of your team’s profits, customer reviews and morale.

Concretely, Chef Life A Restaurant Simulation is a nice surprise and remains a very addictive game even if you are not passionate about cooking. For our part, we look forward to being able to return to the kitchen at the end of the year. The game is expected on PC, PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Switch for October 6, 2022.

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