The boxing boss

PHOENIX, ARIZONA | She was one of the very first to work at Eye of The Tiger Management.

She was a receptionist at Underdog, Mike Moffat’s boxing gym. About 21 years old. She needed all her courage to ask Moffat if he could say a word to Camille Estephan. He was the new guy trying to get into boxing. With small galas in the West Island.

Bermane Stiverne trained at the same gym as Estephan. He had asked the young businessman for advice. To help him better negotiate his contracts.

Three years later, Bermane Stiverne was world heavyweight champion before losing his title to Deontay Milder and EOTTM had five of his boxers in the world’s top 15 in their category.

And Virginie Assaly was the company’s handywoman.


“Camille hired me to sell tickets. I wasn’t very good at it. Then he asked me to help with communications. I learned a lot. Then he gave me other responsibilities, ”said the 33-year-old young woman yesterday morning in Glendale.

Virginie was in her element. Sitting with her band. With Marc Ramsay, Sam Décarie, Luc-Vincent Ouellet, Hugo Lettre and even – guest for a coffee – Michel Hamelin.

The smallest and yet the big boss. Since Virginie Assaly is now general manager and vice-president of Eye of The Tiger Management.

And it’s not a show-off nomination.

Of course, the young woman continues to do everything. She was the one who stopped by the arena yesterday to pick up my accreditation. It is she who negotiates the details before the evening. She, in Japan, who arrived in Tokyo three weeks before the fight between Steven Butler and Murata: “The tall Japanese gentlemen found it strange to find this tiny little woman sitting with them to negotiate everything that was going to happen. It went so far as to find a sauna that accepted tattoos. Butler was tattooed and in Japan, tattoos are for mobsters,” she laughs.

Especially since Virginie displays her share of beautiful tattoos…

If she continues to ensure that everything is done and done well, she has added the whole dimension of reflection, vision, negotiations and marketing of the company. I have witnessed some of his negotiations with political leaders in the United States and it is impressive.

Even more impressive, Camille Estephan who has the reputation of having control over what is happening, leaving him a huge field of action for his activities: “I trust him. She now knows the company better than I do. Anyway, I wouldn’t have had the time to continue like before”, confirms Estephan.


Virginia works. And still working. And still works. With a smile and determined eyes. Assaly is Lebanese. But this is not the link that connects her to Estephan. It’s all the rest. I saw him progress on the pitch. From young public relations officer to vice-president, there were no parachutings: “I have the most beautiful playground in the world. I love the terrain on the road, I love that commando spirit going into battle. We are a small team and we complement each other. But I also like to plan and organize the company’s activities. I am 33 years old and I say it, my boyfriend is boxing. And I’m happy that way,” she said.

She is the general manager. Vice-president. In real life, she is a mix of France-Margaret Bélanger and Chantal Machabée at the Canadian.

But EOTTM is a small company. And Virginie, she has to do the job alone. Or almost.

Pascal: a wounded beast

PHOENIX- Roy Jones launched the sentence during the fight between Jean Pascal and Fanlong Meng: “Nothing is more dangerous than a wounded beast and a man with a big ego”. He was right. Jean Pascal was injured. His ego and his immense pride wrecked by the doping story that had sullied his reputation for a year.

He had been facing the number 1 contender in the IBF for two years. An undefeated capable of opening up the enormous market of China.

This sacred Jean has again made his own. He won. Plus, he showed Fanlong Meng how it’s fought in the pros. Elbows, clashes, pushes, all variants of the Pascal virus have passed there.

In Glendale yesterday morning, the guys were happy for Pascal. Marc Ramsay who helped Pascal grow and led him to a world championship, Sam Décarie, Luc-Vincent Ouellet and the others were happy for their former companion: “One thing is certain, Jean never gives up in a fight . If it doesn’t work with his head straight, he will tilt it to the left, then to the right. He will seek and eventually find. It happened again last night,” said Ramsay.

And there, what happens? John is 39 years old. Everything indicates that he is a young 39. He will continue until what age?

In addition, we know that it is not the dope that makes him perform. Cleaner than Pascal Friday night, you eat Oxydol every day.

All the same. Big congratulations. I am happy for him. God, that must be good for him.

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