The model of the first ArtExplorer museum ship is exhibited in Marseille

More than ever committed to access to culture for all, the City of Marseille will host theArtExplorer, the reduced model of the world’s first museum ship designed by naval architect Axel de Beaufort, on the quay of honor of the Old Port in front of the Town Hall.

From May 19 to 29visitors will discover numerous exhibitions and cultural events on Mediterranean environmental issuesaround the model and in different places in Marseille.

In the fall of 2023, theArtExplorer, a 46.5 meter catamaran, will set off from Marseille to sail through 15 neighboring countries. Thanks to an artistic program inspired by the worlds of the Mediterranean, visitors to the ship-museum will be able to take part in a sensory and immersive experience raising their awareness of major local issues.

Land of multiple cultural exchanges and gateway to the Mediterranean, Marseille also occupies a strategic place in the heart of Europe.

Determined to build a greener and fairer city, the City of Marseille was recently selected to participate in the European program of “100 carbon neutral cities by 2030”. The municipality is committed every day to the ecological and environmental challenges in Europe and the Mediterranean.

An innovative project with international ambitions

Art Explora, a philanthropic foundation with international, nomadic, innovative and digital ambitions, will inaugurate, from 2023, the first museum ship ArtExplorer. It will travel the oceans to offer visitors from all over the world innovative artistic and cultural experiences.

For its first trip, ArtExplora decided to explore the Mediterranean and naturally, Marseillesgateway to the South, city-world open to this “sea in the middle of the land”, was chosen to be the departure city of the real catamaran-museumin 2023.

The Art Explora foundation relies on new technologies and roaming to enable new encounters between works and audiences all in supporting creation and cultural actors.
In its manifesto, Art Explora starts from a postulate: “Art is everywhere: in theaters and museums, but also in the streets and in parks, and even on the internet. »

And art will soon be at sea!

Convinced of the need to meet the public, the Art Explora Foundation puts mobility at the heart of its systems, and has chosen the portsplaces of exchange and dialogue par excellence.
The traveling ArtExplorer project responds to Art Explora’s ambition to reduce the cultural divide by meeting the public gathered around the same maritime territories.

Integrating into a cultural and environmental project, ArtExplorer will challenge themselves to make visitors aware of contemporary issues. It will carry on board contemporary works by local artists, depending on the countries in which it will be moored, responding to key issues.

Able to accommodate up to 2,000 visitors per day, it will sail from port to port to meet the public to offer an unprecedented artistic and immersive experience.

First roaming in 2023: the Mediterranean

For its first trip in 2023, ArtExplorer will set off from the Old Port of Marseille for a journey, several months, in the Mediterranean. A space for encounters and exchanges dating back thousands of years, the Mediterranean naturally invites intercultural dialogue. The importance of the migratory flows which cross it reinforces the social and cultural challenges with which its populations are confronted.

This vast maritime territory also questions ecological issues such as the preservation of oceans, ecosystems and climate change.
The Environmental Protectionthe migration issues and the women’s rights will therefore be addressed throughout the roaming through event programming in each port.

The museum ship will crisscross the entire Mediterranean basin, from the Maghreb to the Middle East. In each city visited, it will offer a unique artistic experience in collaboration with institutions, curators and local actors.

Through the proposed experience, the artists, in dialogue with audiences from all walks of life, will question the major contemporary issues in the Mediterranean.

Useful information

  • From May 19 to 29, 2022
  • Quai d’honneur of the Hôtel de Ville (2nd)
  • Every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Presentation of the model, video exhibition and meeting with the teams.

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